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If you enjoy adventurous programming performed by outstanding artists, the known and the new, in a unique ambience… Friends of Chamber Music concerts are for you! Friends of Chamber Music, Inc. founded in 1949 by composer and educator Martha Beck Carragan continues to present brilliant artists and ensembles.

Be here as the music is created, watch the ensemble work, hear the lines of each voice, enjoy adventurous programming by outstanding artists in Kiggins Hall, the intimate, acoustically superb setting for which chamber music is written. Friends of Chamber Music presents a series of six concerts each year, building on our tradition of showcasing world-class musicians and exceptional programming. Come hear the Kiggins Hall Steinway piano deemed by many to be the best such instrument in the area.

Chamber Music, that is music in which only one instrument plays each line, is often called the music closest to the composer’s heart because it is the music written to be played and heard by confidants, friends and peers. Although the String Quartet may be the most familiar form for chamber music, our series presents many combinations of strings, winds, and voice with music from the past 600 years.



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