Aston Magna

Friday, October 12, 2018, 7:30 p.m. 

The Ernest Livingstone Memorial Concert

Laura Jeppesen, viola da gamba               Andrea LeBlanc, baroque flute
Daniel Stepner, baroque violin                   Peter Sykes, harpsichord

Buxtehude:        Sonata in B-flat Major, Op. 1 no. 4
Handel:                Sonata in B Minor, Op. 1 no. 9
C.P.E. Bach:        Sonata in C Minor for keyboard and violin
J.S. Bach:             Excerpts from “The Musical Offering”

Formed in 1972, Aston Magna has forged an important and unique place in American cultural life.

The Aston Magna Music Festival, founded by Lee Elman and the late Albert Fuller and now under the musical direction of Daniel Stepner, is America’s oldest annual summer festival devoted to music performed on period instru­ments. Aston Magna’s pioneering his­­tory includes the first American perform­ances of the complete Bach Brandenburg Concer­tos and the first Mozart symphonies on original in­stru­ments. Using performance tech­niques ap­pro­priate to the period, national styles, culture, and aesthetics of the time, Aston Magna’s accomplished musicians enrich our appreciation of the baroque era by inter­preting each work as they believe the composer imagined it.